R.O.C.K. Mat-Su

…stands for Raising Our Children with Kindness. We are a cross-sector collaborative of community members joining together to promote family resilience and reduce child maltreatment in Alaska’s Mat-Su Borough.

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How we work towards ending
child abuse and neglect in the Mat-Su

#1. Strengthen families so all children are safe, healthy, and thriving.

#2. End child abuse and neglect, and reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Learn about the 18 strategies we’re using to accomplish these goals.


is the Collective Impact backbone organization for R.O.C.K. Mat-Su

R.O.C.K. Mat-Su’s Community Impact

R.O.C.K. Mat-Su (Raising Our Children With Kindness) is a collaborative of community members – including individuals and organizations – joining together to promote family resilience and reduce child maltreatment. The collective works to build social supports, eliminate silos, and influence systems that affect kids and families throughout the borough, all in support of achieving the goal of ending child abuse in Mat-Su.

R.O.C.K. began developing in 2014 when a group of influential champions in the fields of child protection, early childhood education, behavioral health, primary care, tribal health, infant learning, and education began exploring a new way of working together. The Collective Impact framework was identified and now guides the work of creating transformative systems-level change.

Mat-Su Health Foundation is the Backbone Organization for R.O.C.K. Mat-Su