In 2017, the Butler Institute for Families partnered with R.O.C.K. Mat-Su and the local Office of Children’s Services (OCS), in the south-central region, to evaluate the systemic challenges involved in providing family contact services. By evaluating the systemic challenges involved in family contact resources, the partnership between R.O.C.K. Mat-Su and OCS aimed to improve the availability, frequency, and quality of family contact for families in the borough served by the south-central office.

The Family Contact Improvement Partnership (FCIP) involving the many partners of R.O.C.K. Mat-Su including the Office of Children Services came together to develop a Theory of Change to guide us our work. The FCIP believes that culturally centered, meaningful, and healthy contact is best for a child to strengthen family relationships and help children thrive.

Below you will find a variety of resources developed by the FCIP and other fantastic organizations.